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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
8:44 am
A question
I have this sketch I was working on. I'm not sure now what I started out with in mind but the result has left me with several possibilities and I would be most curious to find out what someone else would do with the same sketch. I've already had some intriguing answers from the one person I've asked but wanted to open it up to the group here. This is the sketch I've come up with.

To give you all a little character background here, I simply refer to her as my "gryph hooker." As her "name" implies, she's a lady of the evening, who got started on her career a bit earlier than most. She does have a boyfirend, a zebra, for recreational "activities" and several friends of both sexes and several species, both in and out of the business. With that in mind, how would you finish this sketch?
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